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For more than a decade, our leadership team of driven individuals has been delivering best-in-class service and solutions to developers, architects, general contractors, and owners. Our unmatched attention to detail and documentation has set us apart from our competition and allowed us to bring solutions that future-proof every project we do.

Leah Austin headshot
Value - Excellence - Experience

As President, CFO, and majority owner, Leah Austin is responsible for ATG's overall financial health, tax, and compliance operations. She is an exceptional business owner who leads by example with quiet inspiration. She is grounded daily in the financial matters that leverage the business, yet personal concern and support of others shines through every decision she makes. She is consistent and fair, yet always quick to jump in and help an employee or customer whenever an extra level of care is needed.

In her free time, Leah can be found spending time with her family, gardening, or on the courts with her tennis team.

Greg Austin headshot
Strategy - Operations - Leadership Development

Greg is a seasoned executive decision-maker who has not forgotten his roots starting as an electrical journeyman's helper. As Chief Executive Officer and Managing Owner, Greg Austin is responsible for the business strategy and overall direction of ATG. An entrepreneur who has been involved in a number of successful businesses, he has never lost sight of his commitment to have a company and workplace that cares personally about each individual.

His diverse work experience in many remote locations, from Southeast Alaska as an airplane pilot to cell phone tower projects in the Caribbean, taught him the importance of pre-planning and paying close attention to detail. This experience drives the care shown to each project and personal interaction.

In his free time, Greg enjoys playing music in several local bands or cheering on the Atlanta United Football Club.

Joel DiGloria headshot

As Vice President, Joel DiGloria oversees daily operations at ATG, including management of hiring, scheduling, equipment, procurement, and deployment. With larger projects often taking a year or more to complete, he understands the "long game" of building relationships and managing coordination with the many trades involved in a commercial building project. Joel ensures that projects are completed on-time and inspection deadlines are met. His “calm under pressure” style of leadership of ATG's field organization helps keep the entire team on-task, and helps reassure clients that their job is being done right.

In his free time, Joel enjoys travel, cooking, and baking. In a tribute to his Italian roots, his red sauce is perfection!

Sarah DiGloria headshot

As Executive Office Manager, Sarah DiGloria is a vital part of ATG's success, managing the office and contract billings. With a background in graphic design, Sarah is a regular contributor to CAD drawings and blueprint markups.

Prior to joining ATG, Sarah was the director of a large healthcare office. Her career in management and communication has helped her to enhance the ATG brand, develop marketing materials, and streamline ATG’s HR, hiring, compliance, and billing processes.

In her free time, Sarah loves to travel, especially to her hometown of Hoonah, Alaska and enjoys sewing, art, and cooking.

John Richter headshot

John's 30-plus years of experience in construction, remodeling, and restoration gives him a breadth of knowledge of the industry that transfers easily to the needs of ATG’s clients. As Business Development Manager, John works primarily with development entities, building companies, and GCs, bringing the culture of ATG to the early stages of every project.

John has been an integral part of ATG’s growth and development as a vibrant organization and the nurturing of our “job done right” philosophy.

In his free time, John can be found restoring his '75 MG MGB, or repairing antique furniture for his weekend venture, Richter's Relics.

Brian McDonald headshot

Brian helps guide the entire organization by overseeing all of ATG’s field operations. His ability to simplify the complicated has made him a valuable asset when explaining ATG’s vision to clients and setting the company culture. Brian started in construction at a young age and has naturally progressed upward into positions that require hard, on-the-fly decision making. At 27, Brian joined the military and served for three years, further honing his skills in organization, structure, and team-building. He uses these skills every day, coordinating ATG’s many projects and teams.

In his free time, Brian enjoys the outdoors, often kayaking, camping, or enjoying live music.

Maurice Reed headshot

As a Senior Project Director, Maurice is responsible for making sure all contract obligations are fulfilled by the ATG team and meet the strict standards of the organization. Though filling a stringent role, Maurice has built a reputation as having an infectious sense of humor, amiable personality, and a flexible attitude which makes it easier to keep all team members on-track and willing to collaborate. Maurice’s ability to keep a team positive is one of the hallmarks that has led to ATG’s success.

In his free time, Maurice enjoys spending time with family, working out with his wife, or traveling to watch his daughter play volleyball.


Kevin came to ATG through our acquisition of A/V powerhouse Mojo Works. This Pennsylvania native has nearly 30 years of experience designing, selling, installing, and maintaining electronics and low voltage systems and products for the Marine Corps, integrators, and distributors. His most recent expertise is managing teams of technicians - running all manner of audio, video, data, surveillance, and control wiring; installing the associated devices; and wiring the head-end racks & patch panels.

When not in the field for ATG, Kevin can often be found in one of two places: at a live music venue, working production/stage or just enjoying the music, or supporting, raising funds for, and volunteering with dog, parrot, rabbit, raptor, and other animal rescues.


melody the dog headshot

Adopted by us when she was three, Melody lived the first few years of her life as a mama dog for a breeder. Though she didn't have time for outdoor play or walks, she was the best mama - very patient, caring, and attentive. She took to being spoiled by her new life quickly but also takes her job of guarding the office very seriously. She seeks cuddles and scratches, and can often be found napping in the sunshine.

In her free time, Melody is simply a good dog.


ATG offers a culture where you can build new skills, work with the latest technologies, and collaborate with other dedicated and innovative professionals. Our teams contribute to some of the most visible build-outs in our communities, allowing you to showcase your experience and expertise in a very public and recognizable way.


ATG offers a culture where you can build new skills, work with the latest technologies, and collaborate with other dedicated and innovative professionals. Our teams contribute to some of the most visible build-outs in our communities, allowing you to showcase your experience and expertise in a very public and recognizable way.