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Stay Ahead of Evolving Codes and Standards

With projects often spanning years, it is critical that projects stay current on any changes or adjustments made to building codes that could impact our work. For this reason, our team maintains a heightened awareness of building codes and local requirements and can make adjustments on-the-fly to the plan or the implementation.

Government Code and Compliance

We stay up-to-date on changing requirements for all our projects, ensuring a smooth, reliable integration that is in total compliance with local codes. With emerging technologies, such as ERRC compliance, codes and requirements may demand changes to the system. Our project managers are prepared to act.

Compliance & Life Safety

As Life Safety becomes more important to public safety, building codes have been created and updated. We can expect these to evolve in the future, ensuring safer environments. Our team is well-versed in the technology and looks to the future to anticipate what may be needed. We design systems that exceed code requirements with the expectation that our clients will stay in compliance longer, with fewer required upgrades.

Keeping You in Compliance

As buildings increase in size and efficiency, “green” technology, such as low-E glass, is preventing more and more radio communications. This has resulted in recent enforcement of ERRC fire codes in many areas. More and more jurisdictions are requiring an ERRC signal test result before issuing a CO or Certificate of Occupancy.

If an ERRC signal test determines that a radio amplifier system is needed, a licensed contractor must get approval for the system design, install the system, and prove the test results of a working system to the AHJ (Authority Having Jurisdiction).


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Check out our case studies and other resource articles.