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Let Us Help You Plan

Our customers have learned that engaging ATG early in the process not only saves money but also helps deliver a better end-user experience that is safe, intuitive, and simple. We help you develop integrated solutions that put people first, through creating interactive environments that exceed goals and delight clients.



Let us help you design your plans, estimates, and budgets, maximizing the value of your low voltage integration. Our consultants develop accurate estimates that draw on the industry’s best methods and solutions, creating an ideal package that maximizes your investment.


The rapid expansion of technology capabilities has created a need for design professionals to keep up with innovation and understand how to incorporate cutting-edge thinking at the design level. Our designers work with developers, architects, and contractors, creating preliminary sketches, drawings, and schematics to help the entire team understand the roadmap to success for each project.


With a solid plan and tech design, our deployment team works with our onsite crews to implement the best solutions throughout the project. It’s common to have to make on-the-fly changes throughout this process, but unlike other integrators, every design change is documented, ensuring a future-proof integration that will easily allow for later expansion. An exceptional installation demands exceptional documentation.


ATG has always provided “better/best” solutions with our budget in mind. Integrity is the only appropriate word. ATG always meets or exceeds my expectations with their ability to listen very well to fully understand ALL needs, then provide the best possible solution and products with our budget in mind. With ATG, you can expect excellent communication (before, during, and after), installed products that work properly, and professionalism from all technicians all this while starting and completing the work as quoted.


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